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What is a Termite?

Termites are among the most successful groups of insects on Earth, colonizing most landmasses except Antarctica

What do Termites do?

•Termites are like any other pests but the problem is they eat wood and cellulose as their food. Unfortunately, especially in the urban areas, the only prominent source of wood is found at homes and offices. As furniture, cabinetry, doors, windows etc. are made of wood, the termites come smelling the wood and take bits and pieces of wood as their food. Problem starts when we notice this and before we can act, a huge damage is already done. off course if you are lucky, you can spot this way early on.

Control Measures ?

•Only professional treatment is needed to prevent damage to the home or structure.

Termite Management Solutions

A long term huzzle free termite management solution will give you a termite free surrounding.Only Central Insecticide Board (CIB & RC) approved pesticides are used.
Quicksure provides :
Free Inspection.
Free follow-up services.
Up to 12 years service warranty.
Solution for pre & post - consturction buildings.
Special treatment for wooden articles.

We are ready to provide you with quality and professional pest control services.