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Residential Pest Control Services

We provide you the best way to keep a pest free home.Our experts will suggest the best solution for current and future pest problems at the time of free inspection.

Quicksure provides :
Free follow-up services.
Eco-friendly methods.
Free Inspection.
Quick & safe solution.
Odourless pesticides.
Warranty covered services.
No additional cost for renewals.

Commercial Pest Control Service

We will provide a complete remedy for common pest problems in your facility.Our team will deliver all services as per our client requirements under the audit standards.Pest control products are also available as per the requirements.
Quicksure provides :
Pest risk assessment.
Pre and post audit inspection.
CIB approved pesticides.
Documentation as per standards.
Monitoring & Reporting


Termite Management Solutions ( Upto12* Years Warranty )

• Service offered Residential as well as commercial segments.
• Services offered in Post and Pre-Constructed Buildings
• No need to vacate houses.
• Odorless Pesticides are used
• Free follow-up visits
• Special treatment for wooden articles

Ants & Cockroaches Solutions

• Odorless treatment
• Services carried out under annual contract as well as single service
• Only targeted pesticides used
• Safe for pets
• Good solutions from household pest for your home as well as office.
• No need to vacate

Integrated Rodent Management

• Eco-friendly methods used
• Non-toxic to humans and pets
• Most innovative technologies
• Accurate monitoring plans
• No debris
• Will treat entire area of a facility
• Finest solution provided

Bed Bug Control

• Services offered in all type of segments.
• Treatment done for all infested materials like bed, cupboards, cabinets, etc.
• Free follow-up visits
• Suggesting the best ways to prevent future infestations
• 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Miscellaneous Pest Control Services

• We will suggest good remedy for all types of pest infestation for your home and office.
• Will suggest services as per the pest issues noticed by our technical expert
• Free follow-up visits and initial inspection will be provided as per the requirement.

A Proper Pest Control

QUICKSURE Treatments Methods in Integrated Pest Management…
Proper identification of damage and responsible Pest
Learn pest and host life cycle and biology.
Monitor or sample environment for pest population.
Establish action threshold
Choose appropriate combination of approved pesticides
Evaluate results
QUICKSURE Treatments Methods in Integrated Pest Management

We are ready to provide you with quality and professional pest control services.